Pet Sematary (1983) Review

Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Gallery Books (2019) originally published in 1983 by Doubleday Publishing
Genre: Horror, Fiction
Length: 395 pages
ISBN: 198211598X

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5.0
My rating: 7.9/10

Not a single author can quite touch on the horror of the human mind like Stephen King. It’s no wonder he hid this book in a drawer upon finishing it. Never have I read a book so eerie, scary and downright terrifying.

Spoilers are ahead, but just light ones. Playing with the idea of death (especially within the family) is rough enough as is. But man, does King hit a NERVE when he recreates a thought that likely passes through the mind of anyone mourning a loved one: resurrection. Except he goes about it in the most fucked up way.

Poor Gage. Poor Rachel. Poor Church and most of all (to me) Poor Jud. To go out in that manner, and to hear the truths he never wanted to hear before his demise are something no one ever wants to endure.

Once again, Stephen King creates a horrifying and bone chilling novel. I had literal chills that ran up my spine with the final words of the epilogue… “Darling.” Just recounting this right now has given me chills again.

If you’re one for terrifying (and that is a vast-under exaggeration) novels and you want to skip out on a few nights of sleep, then this should be your next book. This book had an uncanny way of toying with the fragility of the human mind, especially when under the stress of death.

Will (maybe) read again, depending on how brave I feel. If I have any recommendation for those interested, you should absolutely avoid watching either of the film renditions before reading this; they leave a lot to be desired and have a hard time following along with King’s story.

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