I’m Dean. I’m currently in my mid-20’s and have a passion for writing. A 2015 graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder (Sko Buffs!), I have Bachelor’s degrees in both English Literature and Journalism. Since graduation I have worked for a variety of businesses that highlighted on my strengths (and many of my weaknesses), but in the last few years I’ve fallen out of the trend of consistent writing.

The Dean’s List is a place for me to rate, review and pretty much just talk about anything I can come up with – whether it be movies and television, my hot sports takes, the latest book I’ve read, or a glass of whiskey I can’t resist sharing. My interests vary across nearly every landscape, so be ready for an eclectic collection of my mutterings.

This page is officially my return from complacency.

There will be no limits set, no timelines to meet and no one to answer to other than myself, as I set off on my latest writing venture. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read anything on this page and I’ll always be available to discuss/take suggestions/listen to advice.

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